Graduate thesis

My Master of Journalism thesis explored how magazine publishers in Western Canada have adapted, adjusted to or accommodated the new digital reality. It used case studies of three different magazines to discover what multiplatform publishing strategy is, how it works and how it differs at each magazine.

My graduate thesis research, conducted in 2015 under the direction of Dr. Christopher Dornan at Carleton University, looked at three case studies of multiplatform strategy to investigate whether there were any best practices in strategy that could be shared with other publishers in Canada and around the world.

How are these publishers approaching, adapting to, or repositioning themselves for the digital reality? How are they dealing with transition and change?

Lessons learned include use of social platforms, content native to digital platforms, alternative revenue streams, measurement and use of analytics data, and corporate culture that is innovation-friendly.

Published work:

Case Studies in Transition: Multiplatform Publishing in Three Western Canadian Magazines