Social Media + Highland Games

For 10 years of my adult life, I was a highland dancer. Highland dancing featured in my published work too, as I embraced the chance to cover Highland Games, to write about heavy events and shoot photos and video of dancing, piping and drumming at the games.

I helped launch a social strategy and calendar for the Foothills Highland Games in 2016. The Games have been held in High River and then Okotoks, Alberta for almost 20 years. My role on the organizing committee was to spread awareness of the event. We ran contests for free ceilidh and admission tickets and announced winners on Facebook Live.

On my own initiative, I came up with the concept for a series of promotional videos, storyboarded, planned, shot and edited them. The videos focused on piping and drumming, dancing, entertainment and heavy events.

The results?

The 2016 event was fantastic – there was a lot of outside interest from Calgary news media outlets including CBC and CTV, Global News and a local radio station broadcast from the site all day.