Project Lead

In 2020, I was recruited by the directors of the Social Media Lab, an interdisciplinary research laboratory at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University, for a WHO-funded COVID-19 fact-checking project.

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It was an eight month contract as a project lead, where I helped create a repository of more than 200 international fact-checking organizations and collaborated on two visualizations (found here and here). Much of this project involved collecting, cleaning, normalizing and analyzing data in Google Sheets.

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In addition, I also wrote and edited project deliverables, including a quick start guide for grassroots organizations that want to engage in fact checking, tutorials, press releases, blog entries, social media posts and meeting agendas and minutes, and a final report on the state of COVID-19 fact-checking around the world.

Click on the link above to be directed to the quick start guide.