Freelance journalist

In this section you can find the news and features I freelanced between 2007 and 2019. This section includes features, news, content and special projects.


Canada’s History

Well written history: digitization project a success, Oct/Nov 2019 | PDF


This lawyer is a popular singer in the Netherlands // Secret Life, September 2019 | Link

Western Horse Review

I was approached by the Western Horse Review to investigate and write on what happened with the Balzac race track just north of Calgary. It took between four and six months to tie the story together, to track down sources and documents and do interviews.
Field of Dreams| PDF

Wild Horse Advocate, February 2013 | PDF

West magazine

Another feature I’m proud of is about local history in the southern Alberta foothills. It, again, took several months to put together, about the old wagon trail that lead north from Fort Benton in Montana, to Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta. In the 1870s, this trail was the economic lifeblood of the new territory. In some parts of Southern Alberta, the trail is still there. Historian Bill Dunn has placed wagon wheels to mark the spots where these grooves in the prairie can still be seen. | PDF

Halifax magazine

A story that is close to my heart is half personal essay, half longer feature. In 2010, I traveled to Halifax to research, interview, and shoot photos for it. There has been a children’s hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia for over 100 years, and an auxiliary bazaar for almost as long. These days, the hospital hosts Kermesse each spring to raise funds for recreation therapy and child life programs, an event that three generations of my family has been involved in for decades. I wrote about this event, interviewed people who’ve volunteered for many years, and examined the connection my grandmother, my mother and I have with it and the hospital. | PDF

East Coast Living

Hooked on Atlantic barbecue, Summer 2014 | PDF
(RECIPES) Shrimp skewers with tamarind marinade
Don’s deconstructed seafood chowder
Lobster with roasted garlic butter
Salmon with maple rye marinade
Mussels, stuffed and barbecued

City Palate

Rappie pie | PDF
Learning Coffee: from beans to art | PDF

Alberta Venture

Step by Step: Calgary entrepreneur dances her way to success | PDF
Beyond sprawl: one man’s mission to build homes and communities| PDF
Natural disasters: an inventory of the most common convention pitfalls and how you can avoid them| PDF

Where Calgary

Hot Air, Hot Cars: Five days of balloons and vintage autos| PDF


Kernels of truth: modern wheat stands up to heritage varieties | PDF

Alberta Barley

Upholding a legacy | PDF
Field Crop Development Centre vital for barley research | PDF


Why journalists need to start preparing to cover natural disasters now, August 2016 | PDF

Winnipeg Free Press sees success after one year of micropayments says publisher, June 2016 | PDF


Interview with Allan Boss, July 5, 2013 (live) | PDF

Purchasing B2B

Managing contract risk: strategy, best practices key | PDF
“Energy Logistics.” Purchasing b2b, vol. 56, no. 5, 08/01/2014, pp. 28.
“Accomodating the Oilsands.” Purchasing b2b, vol. 56, no. 5, 08/01/2014, pp. 30.


Alberta Cancer Foundation Fundraiser Keeps Giving Back, December 2013 | Link | PDF

The Macleod Gazette

Family recipe behind foothills-based barbecue sauce
The Macleod Gazette ; Fort Macleod, Alta. [Fort Macleod, Alta]12 Feb 2014: C.11.

Claresholm Local Press

Family recipe behind foothills-based barbecue sauce
Claresholm Local Press ; Claresholm, Alta. [Claresholm, Alta]12 Feb 2014: C.11.


Between 2008 and 2014, I freelanced for and worked contracts at a number of newspapers and news sites. Click on the link to view the document or access the PDF.


OpenFile appeared on the Canadian journalism landscape in 2010 as a crowd-driven, collaborative startup, which relied on ideas from users. Originally launched in Toronto, the community-based journalism site had three years of funding from a Bay Street venture capitalist and expanded to Montreal, Halifax, Calgary, Vancouver and Ottawa. The idea was that readers had questions about what was going on in their communities, and OpenFile journalists would track down the answers and write stories. I signed on as one of the Calgary-based reporters.

Kids politically aware and lovin’ it, April 2011 | PDF
Library lends walking, talking books, July 2011 | PDF
Calgary’s ‘Do it yourself’ bikeshop hunts for new space, Aug 2011 | PDF
Marking Calgary on accessibility, February 2012| PDF
Collective aims to educate, encourage organ donation, March 2012 | PDF
Wildrose won’t legislate moral issues, says Smith during candidates debate, April 2012 | PDF

Journal of Commerce 2010-2013

Green building course postponed to lack of students, December 2009 | PDF
(PHOTO) LRT Expansion in Calgary, March 2010 | PDF
Work begins on future home of Hockey Canada, March 2010 | PDF
$15-million donation to fund Southern Alberta Institute of Technology training centre, April 2010 | PDF
Work continues on South Health Campus in Calgary, May 2010 | PDF
Taking a long look at sustainability
Iss. 94, (Nov 24, 2010).
EllisDon creates new intelligent formwork system, April 2011 | PDF
Taking a close look at the Living Building Challenge, October 2011 | PDF
Apprenticeships important as labour shortage looms
Iss. 16, (Feb 22, 2012).
Construction industry urged to innovate in uncertain times
Iss. 17, (Feb 27, 2012).
Remote sensing technology aims to increase construction safety, June 2012 | PDF
Solar energy seminar set to heat up this year’s trade show, November 2012 | PDF
Owners, architects, engineers and contractors meet in Calgary, March 2013 | PDF
(PHOTO) Knocking it down, March 2013 | PDF
Calgary program aims to get more people into the trades, May 2013 | PDF
(PHOTO) Washout work, June 2013 | PDF
High River looking to restore infrastructure
Iss. 51, (Jul 1, 2013): 1-2
Calgary roads plagued by sinkholes after severe flooding, September 2013 | PDF
(PHOTO) Western Canada’s tallest tower, November 2013 | PDF
Contractors develop strategies for attracting workers, November 2013 | PDF
Annual Buildex Calgary trade show will delve into the impact of
flooding, November 2013 | PDF
Alternative ways to rebuild after flooding will be explored at Buildex
Calgary, November 2013 | PDF
Women continue to break ground in the construction industry
Iss. 91, (Nov 18, 2013): 1-2.
(PHOTO) Alberta Highway Construction, April 2014 | PDF
(PHOTO) Preparing for Flood Season, April 2014 | PDF
Southwest portion of Calgary ring road plans unveiled, July 2014 | PDF
(PHOTO) Calgary Courtyard construction, July 2014 | PDF

Metro Calgary 2010

Inglewood: The perfect bohemian chic hood, April 2010 | PDF
Olympics composer David Pierce wins one more gold for Canada, November 2010 | PDF
ACAD students getting ready to shine, November 2010 | PDF

Okotoks Western Wheel

Tyson | PDF


A Potter-inspired paper

In 2017, I helped out with an eight-page Harry Potter-inspired special edition that my local newspaper published as part of a wizarding weekend event that the town was hosting. | PDF

For the weekend, local businesses in the downtown core took on new identities: The library became Hogwarts, the local newspaper was dubbed The Daily Prophet, and the town council offices became the Wizengamot for the day. Note: this was before Warner Bros. cracked down on local Harry Potter fan festivals.

I was responsible for content: for fact-checking, interviewing local businesses and writing stories about the design company 3D printing wands, the bakery owner who was making Snitch cake pops and Sorting Hat cupcakes, and the quidditch teams who were putting on demonstrations. I consulted on design and layout (check out the quidditch goal posts in the margins) and assisted colleagues in a highly collaborative environment. All in all, the effort translated into a stunning product. Staff had print copies to give away to visitors, but ran out in an hour!

The idea behind the big photo on the front page was that it would come alive like JK Rowling’s wizarding newspapers: in practice, we cut the photo out and replaced it with a tablet showing a video on loop, taking inspiration from Empire magazine’s Fantastic Beasts special edition video cover.

Journal of Commerce Supplement

Buildex Calgary supplement, November 2012 | PDF


Calgary Herald Special Sections

Cosmetic Rejevenation

Clean Slate: skin resurfacing has come a long way | PDF
Lessening the shame| PDF


Calming first-day jitters, August 2013
Gymnast bends over backwards for passion, June 2013 | PDF
Wall-to-wall creativity in Calgary, May 2013 | PDF

Getting creative without limits; Art camp let’s kids think outside the box, Apr 2013
A family affair; Camps for the whole family offers stress free fun, Apr 2013
Get into the game!; Programs help build skills, confidence, sportsmanship, Apr 2012
Exercise your brain this summer, Apr 2012

Social media finds its place in the classroom, August 2013 | PDF
Calming first-day jitters, 15 Aug 2013
Schools give students an alternative 29 Aug 2013
Independent stores hoping for big holiday rush Retailers in BRZs feeling pinch from June’s floods 21 Nov 2013
School services help immigrant students settle in 28 Aug 2014.

Auto Show 2012 show guide: a star is born | PDF
Police link up with Calgary youth, November 2013 | PDF
Program aids immigrants: overcoming isolation important for women | PDF

Suburbs & Satellites

Nothing is beyond reach for homeowners at Cimarron
Hillcrest in Airdrie offers homeowners a breath of fresh air
Culinary charm certain to captivate, April 2012 |PDF

Northwest Calgary home ownership within reach in EvansRidge
Silent treatment: lakeside bedroom community is using idyllic setting to attract new homebuyers
High tide for town, June 2012 | PDF

Alberta oasis awaits buyers in Chestermere
Trico building a legacy, one dream home at a time
Riversong community hits a high note in Cochrane
Heart of the issue, May 2013 | PDF

Live next door to nature in Cranston
Town getting to the core, June 2013 | PDF

Inside magazine

Getting creative without limits: art camps
Gymnastics camps teach kids how to use their energy, April 2013 | PDF

Eau de toilette: discovering the piece de resistance for your bathroom, Fall 2011 | PDF

Software: pops of colour and texture spice up your living space
Hardware: plenty of choices when it comes to cabinet pulls,
Spring 2012 | PDF