Correspondent for FIPP


From 2016-2020, I worked with FIPP – the network for global media, as its Americas Correspondent, covering North, South and Central American magazine media companies. My features were shared on, FIPP’s weekly newsletter FIPPWorld, and on the Digital Innovators Summit website.

I wrote about business models, monetisation, revenue, strategies, content, audience engagement, innovation and transformation, and developing storytelling and tech trends.

My role was to share knowledge, guidance and best practices, and provide information and intelligence to help FIPP’s audience improve their work and businesses.

Published work:

Subscription boxes: How to make ecommerce a steady revenue stream  Link | PDF | Archived

Meredith, HBR, Mondadori and more on how post-pandemic magazine offices will change  Link  | PDF | Archived

Meredith sees dramatic increase in voice platform use over last four weeks Link  | PDF | Archived

Lessons from Time’s ground-breaking two year immersive VR project, The March Link | PDF | Archived

What FIPP members and other media companies are doing to support readers and employees Link | PDF | Archived

Expert Q&A: How to set up a remote work process Link | PDFArchived

Investment in culture, personal development key to attracting and retaining staff Link | PDF | Archived

[Long read] Condé Nast, Hearst, Mondadori and more on the skills media professionals need to survive 2020 Link | PDF | Archived

Canadian rock band Arkells asks fans to stop running from paywalls, and support journalism with merchandise offer Link | PDF Archived

Hearst’s Zuri Rice on video content strategy, focusing on YouTube, and growing longform video Link | PDFArchived

How FIPP board member Julia Raphaely keeps Associated Media Publishing’s brands in the spotlight Link | PDFArchived

How magazine publishers view data and privacy: three things to bolster privacy practices Link | PDFArchived

Condé Nast’s Eric Gillin on brand building, listening, and solving problems Link | PDF | Archived

Financial Times launches boutique consulting firm using in-house talent, building off success Link | PDF | Archived

After chasing scale, Hearst is doubling down on influence Link | PDFArchived

FIPP unveils new branding Link | PDFArchived

Learning from Trusted Media Brands transformation into a multi-platform company Link | PDF | Archived

Meredith to launch new Property Brothers title in 2020 Link | PDFArchived

Low-friction models gaining traction to supplement magazine subscription strategies Link | PDF | Archived

Magazines elevate storytelling to focus on climate change Link | PDFArchived

Prince Harry guest edits National Geographic’s Instagram for a day Link | PDF | Archived

Global entertainment platform Fandom brings on former Condé Nast EVP Link | PDF | Archived

Magazines join fight against single-use plastics by looking into alternatives to polybagging Link | PDF| Archived

Behind Insider’s rewritten and illustrated Mueller Report Link | PDF | Archived

Inside Penske Media’s expansion to China: WWD and Variety Link | PDF |  Archived

Summer of 69: the first magazine of a collaboration series between Meredith and NYT Link | PDF | Archived

Time launches AR and VR app, moves forward with immersive experiences Link | PDF | Archived

Hearst invests into training and education of employees with Hearst Data U Link | PDF Archived

How The Economist successfully engages younger readers Link | PDF Archived

Four Meredith brands on why magazine media are focusing on social good Link | PDF | Archived

Finding a home at Penske Media, Rolling Stone ‘poised to continue to tell world’s most important stories… for decades to come’ Link | PDF | Archived

How The New York Times’ AI-driven data insight tool is informing ad campaigns Link | PDF Archived

Allrecipes’ unlocks audio content through Meredith’s SmartCodes Link | PDF Archived

Instagram follows other platforms by launching digital magazine Link | PDF Archived

Using algorithms to bolster paid content and commerce strategies Link | PDF | Archived

Navigating uncertainty: how niche magazines are overcoming revenue challenges Link | PDFArchived

How Meredith’s Parents magazine creates content for millennial moms Link | PDFArchived

Bonnier and Meredith on the value of awards as revenue and engagement drivers Link | PDF | Archived

How live journalism is gaining traction and engaging audiences around the world Link | PDF | Archived

National Journal moves away from advertising revenue completely Link | PDF | Archived

Behind Editorial Perfil’s launch of Marie Claire Argentina Link | PDF Archived

Productivity hacks for magazine editors Link | PDF | Archived

Time begins production on epic immersive, virtual reality experience Link | PDF | Archived

Why retention needs to be a bigger priority for magazine media in 2019 Link | PDF | Archived

Making change in the Canadian magazine industry Link | PDFArchived

Meredith Corp’s Innovation Group leverages technology and shares best practices across portfolio Link | PDF| Archived

How collaboration across departments and companies benefits magazine media Link | PDF | Archived

New EIC Jacqueline Gifford on evolving and growing Travel+Leisure Link | PDFArchived

Exact Editions launches digital edition of Kickstarter-funded new film magazine Link | PDF | Archived

Behind Time magazine covers: a Q&A with DW Pine Link | PDF | Archived

Magazine media M&As – what happened in 2018 in review Link | PDF Archived

How Kalmbach Media is tackling reinvention Link | PDF | Archived

How The Site magazine uses a collaborative management structure Link | PDF | Archived

How Vivendi’s video platform Dailymotion’s hyper-personalisation spurred audience growth Link | PDF | Archived

Departures magazine debuts new interactive print ad in partnership with Audi Link | PDF | Archived

How Smithsonian magazine leverages live events across platforms Link | PDF | Archived

Leading journalism academics discuss age of misinformation Link | PDF | Archived

NYMag’s The Strategist launches SoHo pop-up shop for holidays Link | PDF Archived

Here’s a timeline of Meredith’s purchase of Time Inc. and what’s been happening Link | PDF Archived

Why Hearst’s is an ecommerce testing ground for the publisher Link | PDF Archived

Meredith’s EatingWell EIC talks about merge with Cooking Light Link | PDF Archived

Behind the Economist’s new collaborative podcast with Slate Link | PDF | Archived

How Pop-Up Magazine does live storytelling Link | PDF | Archived

Bloomberg exec talks about digital expansion to Argentina Link | PDF |  Archived

Future CEO Zillah Byng-Thorne on growth in the US market Link | PDFArchived

ProPublica brings levee and flooding to life with interactive storytelling Link | PDFArchived

‘Magazines are dead’, debunked Link | PDFArchived

How Hearst re-imagines Runner’s World and Bicycling for modern audience Link | PDF | Archived

Why BBC Good Food is sharing its 11,000 recipes over voice platforms Link | PDF | Archived

Behind National Geographic’s partnership for AR star storytelling Link | PDF | Archived

Meredith’s Real Simple’s new idea home offers audience design by experience Link | PDF | Archived

How a change in tone and voice shaped Meredith’s Shape magazine’s evolution Link | PDF | Archived

Future’s music portfolio sees growth with acquisition Link | PDF | Archived

Food & Wine launches pop-up studio for annual event Link | PDF | Archived

How Rolling Stone is expanding its events strategy Link | PDF | Archived

Behind The Economist’s first graphic novel on Instagram Link | PDF | Archived

Five minutes with Paul Croughton, Robb Report’s new editor-in-chief Link | PDF | Archived

How Canada’s The Logic news startup is banking on the shift to reader revenue Link | PDF | Archived

Far & Away magazine: the result of NatGeo’s storytelling and WSJ’s global insights Link | PDF | Archived

Content strategy drives Reader’s Digest’s digital growth Link | PDF | Archived’s new digital director on embracing innovation, ambitious storytelling and ‘keeping things in motion’ Link | PDF | Archived

Robb Report launches video-on-demand documentary series for Facebook Watch Link | PDFArchived

A closer look at the Argentinian magazine market Link | PDF | Archived

Hearst’s Troy Young on three current trends in the advertising market Link | PDF | Archived

How EYP’s Orange Magazine engages young media makers Link | PDF | Archived

Hearst’s House Beautiful builds house-sized brand extension Link | PDF | Archived

How Woman’s Day connects with their 20-million strong female audience Link | PDF | Archived

How Seventeen helps teens engage in social activism Link | PDF | Archived

How constraints breed creativity for Attica Media Group’s digital transformation Link | PDF | Archived

Muse: Robb Report’s new brand targeting female readership Link | PDF | Archived

How women’s magazines innovate Link | PDF | Archived

How to talk to teens: Bleacher Report and The Economist on engaging the younger generation LinkArchived

The relationship between publishers and platforms: fixing what was broken and other lessons Link | PDFArchived

Magazine brands shopping into the future with visual search Link | PDF | Archived

How Cheddar Inc. innovates to create a new type of media for a new generation Link | PDF | Archived

How Harvard Business Review uses emerging media formats to super-charge audience engagement Link | PDF | Archived

Innovation launch: Here’s where and how magazines and other media innovate Link | PDF | Archived

How TechRadar uses precision content and ecommerce to engage audiences and increase revenue Link | PDF| Archived

Meredith’s People brand launches AMP Stories mobile storytelling format Link | Archived

Hearst’s Cosmopolitan and Seventeen partner with Amazon to create shoppable content Link | PDF| Archived

Five minutes with new FIPP member Emerging Market Media Link | PDFArchived

TMB survey outlines shift in marketer preference for branded video, but also brand safe environments
Link | PDFArchived

Behind the scenes of’s new Little Black Book celebrity video series Link | Archived

How drones get impossible shots for Bonnier and National Geographic Link | PDF | Archived

How Hola! USA leveraged its legacy to grow exponentially in its first year Link | PDF | Archived

Why Hearst is betting big on voice Link | PDF | Archived

TechRadar roadtrippers offer insight into best tech for publishers and journalists on the go Link | Archived

How Martha Stewart Living saw success across platforms in 2017 Link | PDF | Archived

Three experts share publisher expectations for 2018 Link | PDF | Archived

Trusted Media Brands’ investment in talent leads to explosive growth Link | PDF | Archived

Behind Sports Illustrated brand expansion to OTT Link | PDF | Archived

Country Living unwraps another innovative cover campaign Link | PDF |

How involving a guest editor creates buzz, increases engagement Link | PDF | Archived

Meredith’s purchase of Time Inc. ‘a truly transformative moment’ – Steve Lacy Link | PDF | Archived

The state of brand licensing around the world Link | PDF | Archived

How Better Homes and Gardens achieved growth in new audiences, engagement and marketshare Link | PDF | Archived

Forbes launches Bankable, a career, money and balance initiative Link | PDF | Archived

Time magazine finds new content with Reddit partnership Link | PDF | Archived partners with YouTube for video content series Link | PDF | Archived

Time Inc. launches Adapt, new native video tool Link | PDF | Archived

How IDG uses data to understand audience needs, enable growth, and bring in revenue Link | PDF | Archived

British GQ partners with music platform Vero to build audience and engagement Link | PDF | Archived

How brands can tap into passions – findings of award-winning Time Inc. UK’s study Link | PDF | Archived

G+J CEO shares seven top lessons for success Link | PDF | Archived

Publishers share recipes for international brand development Link | PDF Archived

Pivoting to video, the Google, Facebook duopoly and other media challenges Link | PDF | Archived

The value of paper Link | PDF | Archived

The tactile power of print in a swipe and scroll world Link | PDF | Archived

Events: Think differently, says Cannes Lions director Link | PDF | Archived

Charting a roadmap for the future: James Tye outlines blueprint for leaders Link | PDF | Archived

Inside Marie Claire’s pop-up experiential shop in New York’s SoHo Link | PDF | Archived

Declan Moore: be honest about the strengths of your brands and where opportunities lie Link | PDF | Archived

Following its success with Slack, Harvard Business Review expands bot strategy Link | PDF | Archived

Time to amplify new conversations we’re having in the marketplace – St. Joseph Media’s new president Link | PDF | Archived

100 years of Forbes… and the future to come Link | PDF | Archived

NBC’s Snapchat show highlights promise of daily, mobile short-form content Link | PDF | Archived

How Bloomberg leverages content and technology to serve a global audience Link | PDF | Archived

How Seventeen reaches out to it’s teenage audience, one immersive summer experience at a time Link | PDF | Archived

NYT launches in-depth and immersive travel magazine in China Link | PDF | Archived

How Quartz approaches online advertising with ‘less is more’ Link | PDF |

Social and visual experts share their top tips for Snapchat, Instagram, FB and Twitter Link | PDF | Archived

How a new CMS helped Editora Caras achieve transformation goals Link | PDF | Archived

How The New York Times Magazine targeted kids with a special section Link | PDF | Archived

The remarkable transformation of Atlantic Media’s National Journal Link | PDF| Archived

[Congress speaker Q&A] How six initiatives led to stunning audience and revenue growth for BBC Good Food Link | PDF | Archived

How Canadian Art expanded the power of niche to build its audience Link | PDF | Archived

How Harper’s Bazaar’s ecommerce platform adjusted focus and strategy Link | PDF | Archived

How Marie Claire is embracing a more diverse range of voices Link | PDF | Archived

Country Living takes readers on a road trip with pioneering front cover Link | PDF | Archived

How Southern Living is going about brand extensions, from community to retail and more Link | PDF | Archived

Behind Rogers Media’s biggest transformation Link | PDF | Archived

How Meredith’s Magnolia Journal subscriptions bloomed to near a million in a matter of months Link | PDF | Archived

How developing trends in luxury advertising impact thinking (and doing) at Robb Report Link | PDF | Archived

How TEN extends brands across platforms (and created one out of YouTube) Link | PDF | Archived

How Harvard Business Review experiments with Slack, bots Link | PDF | Archived

Bo Sacks: the man behind ‘Heard on the Web’ Link | PDF | Archived

How Mexico’s Merca2.0 experiments into the future Link | PDF | Archived

How Condé Nast’s Bon Appétit approaches content strategy Link | PDF | Archived

Digital media strategy: verticals, consolidation and the ‘squeezed middle’ Link | PDF | Archived

Developing space for creativity to thrive and move business forward Link | PDF | Archived

How to develop a personal brand into a media brand Link | PDF |

Platforms as mass media, magazine media as niche and ‘why you should not outsource your future’ Link | PDF | Archived

Audience engagement: why a platform-appropriate content strategy is crucial Link | PDF| Archived

Lessons for developing multiple revenue stream models Link | PDF | Archived

How The New York Times brings the audience inside Link | PDF | Archived

John Wilpers showcases top trends included in new FIPP Innovation World Report Link | PDF | Archived

How this magazine uses events and video to augment its content strategy Link | PDF | Archived

How PressReader achieves content marketing success leveraging unique cross-sector insights Link | PDF| Archived

How Brazil’s Infoglobo transformed into a multiplatform content company Link | PDF | Archived

How MPA Next creates community for up-and-coming magazine media professionals Link | PDF | Archived

The story behind New York Magazine’s highly praised ‘Year in Memes’ Link | PDF | Archived

Hearst Autos broadens audience, invests in mobile and editorial for 2017 Link | PDF | Archived

How Meredith fuels its revenue growth across channels Link | PDF | Archived

[Congress Q&A] Axel Springer’s special interest magazines are booming in Germany Link | PDF | Archived

IDG focuses on growth after acquisition by China Oceanwide and IDG Capital Link | PDF | Archived

Here’s more on how Facebook wants to better collaborate with you Link | PDF | Archived

How The Economist built an award-winning engagement strategy Link | PDF | Archived

Media predictions for 2017 Link | PDF | Archived

Challenges facing magazines discussed at Toronto panel Link | PDF | Archived

Meredith Xcelerated Marketing launches innovation lab Link | PDF | Archived

Time Inc. UK research reveals new insight into Millennials Link | PDF | Archived

How Meredith’s programmatic advertising is evolving Link | PDF | Archived

Visualising real time analytics Link | PDF | Archived

“40 million steps” – a feature by Runner’s World Link | PDF| Archived

Lessons from The New York Times on virtual reality Link | PDF | Archived

How editors can make analytics work to their advantage Link | PDF| Archived

How IDG approaches editorial strategy Link | PDF | Archived

How Australia’s Pacific Magazines is making a digital transformation Link | PDF | Archived

Robb Report celebrates 40th anniversary, eyes global expansion Link | PDF | Archived

Magazines Canada announces new awards programme Link | PDF | Archived

News magazines provide context, analysis in a digital era Link | PDF| Archived

Cultural blocks form a barrier to innovation Link | PDF | Archived

Hearst’s Coles appointed to chief content officer Link | PDF| Archived

How the role of the publisher is changing Link | PDF | Archived

Why publishers are turning to the atomisation of content Link | PDF | Archived

Immediate Media’s content studio pushes boundaries Link | PDF | Archived

Meredith’s video investment, explained Link | PDF | Archived

Ad fraud on mobile the next battleground for publishers Link | PDF| Archived

Annoying, disruptive ads main reason for adblockers, concludes HubSpot study Link | PDF | Archived

What does Facebook’s algorithm change mean for publishers? Link | PDF| Archived

Magazines Canada launches mashup campaign to promote newsstand sales Link | PDF | Archived

Magazines with changing formats, models are still magazines Link | PDF | Archived

Snapchat launches a digital magazine Link | PDF | Archived

The changing role of the editor Link | PDF | Archived

Andreas Pfeiffer: Publishers must explore distributed content Link | PDF| Archived

How Harvard Business Review approaches innovation and future development Link | PDF| Archived

Social data gives publishers advantage, 24/7 insight into audience Link | PDF| Archived

The Economist reveals insights from award-winning research into millennials Link | PDF| Archived

Mobile is a mindset and an opportunity for publishers Link | PDF| Archived

Great content creates value for The Daily Beast Link | PDF| Archived

How The Economist engages audiences on the go Link | PDFArchived

Sharing platforms take the stage at FIPP London Link | PDF| Archived

How Hearst and Time Inc. are approaching mobile Link | PDF| Archived

Mobile is already here Link | PDF | Archived

Why data visualisation of social analytics is the next frontier for publishers Link | PDF | Archived

How The New Yorker’s paywall fuels its growth Link | PDF| Archived

Five minutes with Matthew Holmes, Magazines Canada’s new CEO Link | PDF| Archived

How AllRecipes has moved beyond online…to print Link | PDF |

Small magazines make big splashes Link | PDF| Archived

How to improve ad effectiveness and combat fraud Link | PDF |

Behind the Annex-Newcom partnership Link | PDF| Archived

Using creativity and storytelling to move business Link | PDF| Archived

Making language work in an internationalised world Link | PDF| Archived

Using video, images and more to make the most of the mobile, social, visual web Link | PDF | Archived

Gaining magazine sales advantage through data Link | PDF | Archived

How Ebner Media group transformed from a 200-year-old publisher to a multi-platform powerhouse  Link | PDF | Archived